• Hot Beach Hairstyles for Aussie Hunks

    by Mary Allen ,

    Hot Hairstyles for Men.

    If you’ve been hitting the beach it might be time to update your hairstyle to make sure you’re looking as good as possible. Since Australia's beaches can be enjoyed all year long, here is some inspiration to keep your hair do looking sharp.

    Long hair

    Your celebrity inspiration; Chris Hemsworth in Thor mode

    Chris Hemsworth in the movie Thor

    Source: flickr.com

    If you have long hair, this is your moment in time as long hair is super fashionable again. To keep your locks looking great at the beach, try tying back your hair into a stylish man bun while you are in the water. When you jump out of the water, add some serum to the ends of your hair to keep it soft and looking shiny. (Tip; in a stretch beard oil can also work as a hair oil.)

    Next time you go to the considering asking the hairdresser to add some subtle choppy layers to give you some more volume. Subtle highlights and lowlights can also create some more depth and definition to long hair.


    Medium hair

    Your celebrity inspiration; Hugh Jackman

    Hugh Jackman with medium length hair

    Source; wikipedia.org

    If you work in a more corporate environment, a short-medium hair style can be a great option. The floppy fringe of classic Hugh Jackman hair is flattering and keeps your hair style looking fresh and youthful. It’s also a great option for dudes used to rocking longer hair, who need to make a big chop to get rid of split ends or severely damaged hair.


    Natural hair

    Your celebrity inspiration; Guy Sebastian

     Guy Sebastian

    If your hair texture naturally heads towards Afro-style, hitting the beach can turn up the volume and curl frizz to max. You could go back to a more restrained crop close to the head and get some regular trims to keep the ends fresh and healthy. You may find that the sun and water play havoc with your hair’s texture, which you can often manage with hair product. Keep some serum or hair oil in the beach bag to work through your hair when you jump out of the water. That’ll help keep your hair soft and easy to manage.


    Your celebrity inspiration; Gary Sweet

    Gary Sweet in a suit

    If you are starting to lose your hair, step away from the hair replacement clinics. Since summer isn't officially over yet, there is still time to shave it all off and embrace the bald look. Make sure to get regular cuts to keep it nice and smooth, and apply Sunblock all over the surface of your head. You want to make sure the surface of your head is a nice consistent colour and doesn’t have a splotchy tan.

    Are you planning to update your hairstyle this season? Which celebrity has the most enviable hair? Share your beach hair inspiration or pics of your new hairstyle in the comments section below.


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