• How Custom Salon Towels Can Add Style to Your Business

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    As a salon service provider, you know that creating a peaceful and relaxing environment for your clients is essential to building your business. In addition to choosing furniture and wall designs in colours and designs that help to develop a soothing atmosphere, considering small details can also make a big difference. Incorporating accessories such as custom salon towels, such as those at online wholesaler Alluretex.com, adds style to any business, including wellness centres, massage clinics, spas and more.


    Why Salon Towels Matter to Your Clients


    Clients tend to have very strong opinions about salon towels used on their bodies. When you provide clean, plush towels, clients know that you care about giving them the best salon experience possible. There are three main factors to consider when buying towels for your business.


    • Colour: Your business goes through numerous towels throughout the day. You must launder them often to keep up with the demand. No matter which towels you purchase, they need to keep their colour without fading. Dark, rich colours must remain vibrant. White towels need to retain their brightness and clarity without yellowing.

    • Durability: Repeated washings can also damage towel fibres. If the towels are not made of quality materials, the edges will fray quickly and they will wear out. Ideally towels will remain fluffy despite many wash and dry cycles without linting.

    • Texture: Spa owners prefer thick, soft towels that are either light or medium-weight. Quality towels are absorbent enough not to become heavy during use, yet fast-drying so they can move quickly through dryer cycles and back out on the floor. 

    The Custom Salon Towel Advantage


    You have many options for purchasing salon towels in various colours and designs. Custom salon towels are a stylish alternative to regular salon towels for several reasons.

    •  Custom salon towels contribute to your clients’ first impressions. From the moment clients walk in the door, they begin to develop a first impression of your business. Small details such as custom hand towels add elegance. While any salon can purchase cheap towels in bulk a business that invests in its towels sets itself apart from the competition.

    • Custom salon towels are part of your business’s overall image. When you put the salon’s logo on your towels, you obviously care about its image. Subconsciously, your clients will associate soft, nice smelling towels with being pampered by your staff. As a result, they are more apt to refer friends and relatives to your business for the same exquisite service.

    • Custom salon towels are a modern and sophisticated touch. Clients will notice when you add small contemporary touches like custom salon towels. Whether you incorporate bright, colourful towels with your logo or classic white custom towels, they are a current and stylish addition to your salon.


    Quality salon towels are a necessity for many businesses. Upgrading to custom salon towels from our online wholesale store can make a big difference in how clients view their experience. As a result, you can build repeat business and attract new customers through word of mouth.


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