• What Does ‘Draping’ Towels Mean to your Massage Business?

    by Lifeboat Admin ,

    When it comes to professional massage therapy, draping is an essential technique practiced by every good masseuse. Getting a massage is an intimate experience and you don’t need to feel vulnerable and exposed. Through the draping process a solid level of trust is established between the customer and the therapist.

    With draping, the masseuse uses large towels or sheets to keep you covered while you're getting massaged. Using draping, your massage therapist only works on the part of your body that is exposed, places such as your back or your legs. Meanwhile, the rest of your body is completely covered. Proper draping allows you to feel comfortable while being fully naked under the sheets or towels. It’s a method used to protect your modesty, privacy, warmth and comfort. Draping creates boundaries and provides a safe environment for both you as a customer and your professional therapist. With proper draping, there is no fear of the exposure of your private areas, even when you have to turn over. A properly trained masseuse knows how to handle the sheets in a way that you will always be fully covered.

    Draping provides an expert atmosphere and it also provides warmth. When you relax during a massage, your basal body temperature can drop. This can often result in the sensation of feeling cold. As you know, it can be difficult to relax when you’re cold, which is counterproductive when getting a massage! High end spas have good quality sheets and towels to make your experience more comfortable. If you start to feel cold, ask for more sheets. Remember, getting a massage is about being pampered, and professional massage therapists want the best for you.

    Professional massage therapists can choose to drape with multiple sheets and towels, or not, depending on the client and the situation. Clean sheets and towels are essential for each client. Usually, therapists use two towels for women and one for men. When using sheets, you need one to cover the client and another for the table or mat. If you have air conditioning, consider having extra towels and sheets on hand in order to service the needs and demands of your individual customers.

    At Alluretex.com, we have many affordable options available at your service. Keep in mind that providing a great experience is very important in creating repeat customers. If your customers feel contented and relaxed with you, they’re going to come back. Depending on how busy your spa or private practices are, you may be looking at a lot of laundry! But trust me, it’s all worth it. 

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