• How to keep your Towels in Mint Condition

    by Lifeboat Admin ,

    High quality bath towels often feel soft and plush, but how can you keep them in good condition? If you don’t want to replace them, we have some secrets to share that will help you make them feel brand new!

    When you purchase new towels, the first thing you need to do is wash them in hot water. Not only does this improve their softness, but it also helps to sanitise them. After this initial wash, you should continue to wash your towels in hot water because it’s more effective at dissolving bath products and other impurities that can clog up the fabric’s pores causing the texture to change. Good quality towels come with a label instructing you on how to best care for them, so read the guidelines and follow them. Coloured towels may bleed and fade with a hot wash – so you may need to have a different washing routine for them, rinsing them in cold water only.

    Whether you’re using cold or hot water, one of the most important things you can do is take care when filling the washing machine. It’s tempting to overfill the machine when you’re busy and there’s a lot of laundry piling up! But you need to have enough room in the machine to allow your towels to move around properly so that they actually get clean. When you overload your machine, not only are clothes and towels still dirty, but they’ll wear out faster because of the friction. It’s standard for most washing machines to put in only 2-3 bath towels along with a few hand towels or wash cloths. It’s also necessary to wash your towels separately from other clothing to protect from colour bleeding.

    While trying to save on water use, people tend to forget about the extra rinse cycle on their washing machine. It’s understandable; however, your bath towels can use the extra cycle to help with longevity. I like to add half-cup of white vinegar to the wash during the first cycle. The vinegar softens the fabric and is also a natural sanitising ingredient that will not cause damage to the material. Vinegar helps to remove any leftover oils in your bath towels, leaving them plush and fabulous! I imagine you don't want your towels to smell like vinegar, but don’t worry; the second rinse cycle will take care of that. All you’re left with is clean-smelling, soft towels.

    When you dry your towels, I recommend using dryer balls or even some unused tennis balls before turning on the machine. The balls help your towels to become naturally soft and fluffy by circulating around during the cycles and pounding the fibres. If you prefer line drying your towels, you want to shake them out to fluff up the fibres before you pin them to the line. If you want the best of both worlds, partially dry them on the line and finish them off in the dryer on a low setting. Happy washing and drying!

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