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    Bath Towel Materials

    Although most towels are made of cotton fibres, the softness and absorbency varies depending on the type of towel. Three of the most popular towels on the market are:

    Egyptian cotton towels: Egypt produces the high-quality cotton which is used to make Egyptian towels. These towels are durable, breathable and very absorbent. Towels made of Egyptian cotton typically cost more but also last longer than other towels.

    Pima cotton towels: Pima cotton is grown in the south-western United States from the same plant as Egyptian cotton. Pima cotton towels are strong and absorbent.

    Turkish cotton towels:  These towels are woven of premium cotton in Turkey. The extra-long fibres are very absorbent and extra soft. Turkish towels have a great reputation in the hospitality industry.


    Towel Sizes

    We use a wide range of towels in our daily lives, each with its own purpose. The following chart includes the average sizes of these towels followed by their definitions.


    30cm x 30cm to 40cm x 40cm

    For hand, face, and body washing in shower and bath

    Hand Towel

    40cm x 60cm to 50cm x 70cm

    For drying hands or for decorative use

    Bath Towel

    68cm x 132cm to 70cm x 134cm

    For drying body after shower or bath

    Bath Sheet

    80cm x 150cm to 100cm x 170cm

    Extra-long for drying body after shower or bath

    Towelling Bath Mat

    50cm x 80cm to 60cm x 85cm

    Absorbs water on the floor from shower or bathtub

    Beach Towel

    75cm x 86cm to 100cm x 180cm 

    To lay on or dry off with, on the beach or at the pool


    Towel Weight

    Towel fabric is weighed in grams per square meter (gsm), which is the towel’s density. Most towels are 300gsm to 900gsm.

    300gsm-400gsm:  These towels are thin and light. Their weight makes them suitable for gym use or for keeping in the kitchen because they dry quickly.

    400gsm-600gsm:  Medium-weight towels can be used for bath towels and beach towels. The heavier the towel, the softer and more absorbent it is.

    600gsm-900gsm:  Most of the premium towels are in this weight range. They are very dense and heavy. They absorb more but also take longer to dry.


    Towel Construction

    Different yarns are used to make towels. A towel’s construction correlates with its quality.

    Combed cotton: During construction, combed bath towels are actually combed to remove short, uneven threads and debris so that the longest threads are left behind. The result is strong, luxurious towels.

    Ringspun cotton: Both short and long fibres are twisted together to create the fine, smooth yarn of ringspun cotton. These towels are plush and durable.

    Terry cloth: Extra yarn is woven into the larger thread loops of terry cloth. The additional material makes terry cloth towels one of the most absorbent materials.

    Other definitions:

    Twist: The number of twists per cm of yarn. A low twist means the towel is plusher while a high twist means the towel is stronger.

    Two-ply: A second layer of yarn is used in two-ply, resulting in a strong, dense, and absorbent towel.





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