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    During the holiday season, many places of work host corporate events or office parties. You can make your end of year occasion a memorable one by gifting your colleagues, co-workers and employers something small. An embroidered towel, whether for the beach or bathroom, is an excellent choice.

    A towel excels all other gifts. A towel is easy to carry, lightweight fabric can conveniently roll or fold up meaning your recipient will be able to take it to many places. The range of dyes, designs and custom additions ensure your gift will be eye catching, and an interesting conversation piece at the event. Finally, towels are longer lasting than many other gift options. These qualities lead to high levels of brand exposure. A towel will be seen in the house, by family, friends and guests. At public swimming pools, by children and parents at pool parties and by other swimmers. A towel will be seen by everyone at the beach; by both the sunbathers and the dippers.  Taken on holidays or camping trips, your gift will span continents and be seen by people from many nations.  

    Towels are a great choice, not only because they make great presents, but because of the great way it is to increase your branding. Nobody ever throws a towel away, if you ensure the towel has an imprint of your company’s logo, then you continue to advertise long after the decorations have been taken down and the turkey picked clean. By placing your brand on the towel, you have created an excellent promotional product that will promote you all year round. In the summer, people will line the beaches with towels featuring your company, and in the winter months, visiting guests will spot them in the bathrooms.  If you use durable materials, the towels will last years after the party, and will be borrowed and used by many people, further increasing brand awareness.

    On average, a custom towel can last around 15 years, so it will be a product that gives you great bang for your buck. They are also suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, race or age; there is no need to worry about sizes or styles.  Everyone uses a towel on a daily basis, when you factor in the length of time the towel will last and all the people who will see it without using it, that is a phenomenal amount or brand exposure from one small gift! Furthermore, a towel is always an exciting giveaway that is suitable at any occasion, they can be used at a diverse range of functions, giveaways or online promotions. With a company promotion, you can easily customise the towel to reflect the particular advertising campaign you are increasing awareness for. 

    Towels can make great gifts all year round! No need to wait for the holiday season if you don’t want to. Towels can be a great way to show you company’s mission and values, which you can at any event no matter what time of year. If you are a company who value the environment, make the towels from environmentally friendly fabric. If you like to be quirky, then you can do fun things with towels too, like bright cheerful colours.

    These fabric drying wonders are so versatile. For Christmas events, a simple red towel with the company logo embroidered in gold would look stunning and be very affordable. For summer events, bright beach towels are great fun for all staff. In winter, large, soft and fluffy towels will be a luxurious and elegant gift.

    Unlike other gifts, towels are so much longer lasting, and you have so many options to choose from. Why would anyone opt for any other client gift when a towel exceeds all others?  A pen will dry up and be thrown out long before a towel will start to fade. A pen will get buried in the depths of someone’s handbag, or in the crevices of someone’s desk. A towel has much more value, both as a gift and as a promotional or advertising piece; a towel has one of the largest surface areas of any giveaway so many more people will see it, rapidly expanding brand awareness, especially when compared to a pen. A mug will break or fade, and fewer people will see it at once compared to a beach towel laid out on the shore on a hot summer’s day; it can only really stay inside the home or office.

    To ensure your promotional towel is valued by the client or staff member, it is important to take a few things into account. First, ensure that the size is correct, too small and your gift and the message you place in it will be ineffectual. A bit larger than 70 cm x 150 cm is best. Size also affects weight, don’t make your towel to heavy as then it will not get much use, and will be seen less by people.  Second, choose higher quality fabrics that are good for the environment. A lesser quality will give your company a poor image and reputation, whilst not caring about the consequences of your gift choice will reduce these further. Pure, organic cotton is an excellent choice. Finally, make sure that your towel will stand out from other ordinary towels, a plain towel simply will not do. Make your logo large and easy to see, pick a memorable slogan or choose an unusual design; something that will make people remark or comment will ensure the highest possible brand exposure.

    A towel handed out at any function will always be a winner, both with your guests and your advertising team; so get your order in today for a promotional piece that will never be forgotten.

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fiona ogilvie says...

On July 01, 2015

looking for some promotional fluffy towels to go with solar hot water sales. or even dressing gowns please thanks.