• DIY Decorative Towels as Any Gift

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    Homemade gifts often make the best gifts. Be it for a birthday, Mothers or Fathers’ Day, even just a way to say Thanks! Or, I appreciate you! When you give someone a homemade gift, they cherish it forever because of the extra love and attention to went into it. Great example of a homemade gift for your next celebration? DIY Decorative Towels.

    There are so many ways to personalize your towels. You can bedazzle, you can embroider, you can paint and you can print. In fact, when done correctly, these can look as good as those at fine department stores. Simple to make, unique and on trend, you may just decide to keep these for you.

    The Elite Hand Towel is perfect for this project. They come in packs of ten in a wide variety of colors, so you can decide the base of your artwork. These towels are roughly 45cm x 76 cm and 100% cotton commercial terry cloth, no header.

    If you’re looking for a larger towel as a gift, the New Plush Luxury is an excellent gift for a special occasion. It still comes in a wide variety of colors, at a larger size of 70cm x 140cm. It’s contemporary in look but heavier and more luxurious in feel.

    Materials Needed to take your towel to the next level--

    - Beads, gems or other bedazzling pieces

    - Embroidery thread

    - Assorted ribbon

    - Needle

    - Scissors

    - Double-sided fabric tape

    - Iron and Ironing Board

    Tip for embroidery- make sure that you choose a contrasting color of thread that will pop against the towel. Good matches are orange on navy, yellow on blue, bright pink on dark green. Choose your pattern in advance. You can freehand it or you can download a pre-designed stencil. It’s a smart idea to draw your pattern on the towel before you embroider, use a felt tip pen so that it will wash off and no one will be any the wiser. Flowers are a fun design to embroider, as are stars or the initials of the recipient. Add a bead or a gem at the center of the flower petals or in between the embroidered initials for extra pop.

    Iron On
    Not a huge fan of needle and thread? This is no problem. More and more often you’ll see iron on ribbons, fabrics or decorations at your local arts and crafts store. Ribbon makes a nice trim to any towel. Pick a couple of different varieties and trim down to size. You can iron on or use double sided tape to fix ribbon to the bottom of the towels.

    Sparkly Details
    A hot glue gun is your best friend for this option. It’s probably not sensible or practical to cover your entire hand towel in sharp sequins or gems, but they do make a nice accent. Have some fun with a colorful variety or glue a pattern in the corner of your towel.

    Try out one or all of these methods for your next gift or brighten up your own home with these artsy, unique bath towels.

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