• How much should you spend on towels?

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    Everybody has their vice. It may be a food, a beverage, a trip to the local boutique, maybe an affinity for antique furniture. Whatever it is, there’s something for everyone where a price tag just bears no importance. For a small group, that’s towels. It might have something to do with their luxurious comfort, or the housewife who loves having an abundance of clean towels for the next time guests come by. It may be the way they tie a room together, or the memories associated.

    Some vices can really break the bank, others not so much. According to Consumer Reports, there are some things that you really should invest in, for a healthy wallet and day-to-day life. These include coffee, sunscreen, paper towels, AA batteries and facial tissues. All of those make sense in some capacity. Coffee? Get the good stuff, the taste difference is noticeable. Sunscreen? I know no one wants to believe it, but it expires. Paper towels, facial tissues and AA batteries, all are necessities in any kind of situation where you and your loved ones need to be prepared.

    As far as items for which it makes more sense to keep the money in your pocket? Toilet paper, dishwasher detergent, dark chocolate bars and bacon. I may disagree on the dark chocolate and bacon, but that’s another story.

    And right there in the middle of both groups? Towels for your homes. Bathrooms, bedrooms, beach towels, there are teams that argue for either side of the saving/spending line. Team Spend would argue that towels wear out anyway so you might as well invest in some that you won’t care about if they fall apart. Team Frugal would argue that you can circumvent this problem if you purge a few more dollars and opt for the next tier of quality.

    Although you won’t run into that problem here with options like Checkerboard Sports Towel or the Coastal Coral Bay Towel, there are red flags when purchasing towels that will have you spending more than you reap. Look for microfiber towels, these will last longer but still won’t break the bank. Bath sheets will be thinner than bath towels so if you think they’ll be undergoing a lot of wear and tear, I would opt for the bath towel.

    When in doubt, choose neutral colors for towels in your homes so that they don’t show the stains of everyday life. If white is the only color your heart desires, look to our tips for keeping your towels fresh and soft so that you don’t need to throw them out once a month.

    In summation don’t break the bank when choosing towels but I wouldn’t choose them at the dollar store either. Choose towels based on their absorbency and life expectancy. Consumer Reports is an excellent resource for this. You’re not going to get any more bang for the buck out of the designer towels as long as you’re working with a retailer that knows the necessity of the right materials and quality workmanship.

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