• Massage Towel 101

    by Lifeboat Admin ,

    are amazing. They’re a great reprieve in a crazy, fast-moving world. There’s a huge market out there for towels in massage establishments and spas because they make a big difference. They should always be kept in top-notch quality and that can be difficult to achieve if you’ve managed to get massage oil on your towels. Unfortunately, though most towels will wash clean of dirt in one washing machine load, there are the sticklers that need a little extra TLC when it comes to massage oil. Don’t fret—it’s not impossible, just takes a little bit more effort.

    The sooner that you wash your towels after they’ve been used, the higher the likelihood that massage oil will wash out successfully. I recommend removing towels after each appointment and washing a load at least once a day. Should the massage oil sit there for too long, it will be much harder to remove. I would also recommend that you stick with one stain removing product, and don’t mix two or more. The chemicals in each may work against each other and cause a reaction that can actually end up staining your towels.

    Begin by pre-treating your towels even before you put them in the washing machine. Laundry spot removers which work particularly well include OxiClean and Citra-Solv. Each of these should have directions on the packaging which are easy to follow. Alternatively it’s good to check if the massage oil company you use, markets an oil remover, because this remover would be formulated specifically for the oil at hand. When in doubt, experiment until you find a remover that works well for you.

    If the stain is larger than a couple of spots, I would recommend letting the towel soak for a few hours in warm water and a detergent like OxiClean (no need to dilute if you’re going to be soaking). Once the towels have been pre-treated they can be washed in the hot water cycle. I would ramp up the effectiveness of your regular detergent by adding OxiClean to this cycle as well. If the towels are white, don’t forget to add bleach.

    Make sure that you don’t dry your towels until the oil has been completely removed. If the stain remains, heat will actually help seal it in, making it impossible to remove. I’ve had the best success air drying these towels in the sun, rather than the machine or even a hand dryer. The sun helps naturally bleach out any stains.

    This whole process may take a couple of washings, but hopefully not two or three. Even with this successful process, make sure that you are changing out your towels regularly. You shouldn’t be using them in a massage parlor longer than six months, preferably closer to three or four, as cleaning will wear them down much faster.

    Stains can be no fun but with these tips you’re well on your way to clean, fluffy towels and a top notch experience for everyone at your salon.
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