• New Gym Trends for the Year

    by Lifeboat Admin ,

    Get those gym towels ready. This year is going to be a big one for physical exercise. Maybe you went into the year with big aspirations for losing weight, toning up and optimizing your health for the year. Maybe it’s just a good excuse to use the sauna at your local sports club. And maybe this was a short-lived goal that only made it through January. Well let’s change that. January is the worst time for exercise, mostly because of the mass of resolution makers who flood the changing rooms and dominate all of the machines. Those who stick with it until February though, are a different breed. You’ve made it over the one month hump and you know that you’re in it for the long haul.

    This is an exciting year for your exercise towels because of the multitude of trends taking off. You’re no longer locked in to a certain type of exercise, you can really explore activities that will push your limits and help you reach your fitness goals.

    One trend that’s taking off is the cycling trend. Although these classes have been around forever, they’ve received a much needed reboot in the form of classes like BurnCycle and Soul Cycle. These are cycling classes where the room is darker, the music is louder, the coach is more motivational and you’re working out head to toe, instead of just your leg muscles.

    Another trend that’s on the rise is CrossFit. CrossFit is great for those looking for strength training with a family atmosphere. CrossFit gyms are an opportunity way to meet new people if you’re exploring a new area. CrossFit is also good for those who need to mix their workout routines up, as you’re focusing on strengthening all of your muscles.

    A third trend that has received praise and positive critique is the barre movement. Ladies love the barre movement as it focuses on a strong core, and long, lean limbs. Barre classes combine the fundamentals of ballet, pilates, and sometimes yoga and weightlifting for a dynamic class that will have your legs shaking the next day.

    Traditional workouts like running are also on the rise. With the inception of uniquely themed long-distance runs, more and more recreational runners are pushing themselves to that level. There are half and full marathons in most countries around the world happening all year long, so you’re more likely to find one that sparks your interest.

    When leaving for your workout, make sure that you’re planning accordingly. Weigh yourself before and after exercise to see how much water you’re losing. Try and drink twice that amount before and after working out so that you’re properly hydrated and able to work out twice as hard. Also make sure that you have at least one towel to help with excess sweat. When in doubt bring two, one for during your workout and one for you to towel off with, when you’re done and ready to celebrate your success.
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