• A Superstitious Use for Towels

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    Here at Allure Tex, we frequently discuss the merits of certain towels. We discuss how to incorporate them into your daily life, your house décor, your sport club habits and trips out of the country. Today, we found out yet another use for your towel. A superstitious one.


    Basketball over in the United States lost a great man Wednesday in Jerry Tarkanian, a coach whose career will live on long after his passing. But succeeding on the court isn’t his only legacy. Tarkanian had a unique superstition…involving towels. This isn’t a question of what color towel the team used, or how many were in the locker room. Tarkanian tended to chew on them during games.


    And so it was an important phone call that the equipment manager made when Tarkanian came out of retirement twenty years ago. He needed to talk to Larry Chin, who spent 16 years when Tarkanian coached UNLV, properly folding and faxing a very specific towel for game time.


    Similar to a security blanket, chewing on a towel during games was the single superstition that this famous basketball coach never gave up in four decades and almost a thousand victorious games. This habit dates back to his first coaching days. He was a basketball coach at a high school in Southern California. It was a sweltering hot day for this particular game at Ramona High School. Unfortunately, Ramona High School only had one water fountain.


    The game was close and Coach Tarkanian was thirsty. Back and forth and back and forth he went to the water fountain, finally getting sick of the trips. He realized the towel on his seat could serve a different purpose, soaking it in water and returning to his seat. He sucked on it for the rest of the game. And what was the score? A big win. Tarkanian never coached another game without a towel at his side.


    Preparing Tarkanian’s towel became a joke in the basketball industry, but a very serious one. It was more of a challenging task than you may imagine and many were scolded for doing it improperly. How do you prepare a superstitious towel you may ask? First, it must be soaked so that it is saturated in moisture, but definitely not sopping wet. The towel must then be folded. No edges may show. Fold a dry towel of the same size the same way and put the wet towel on top of the dry one. The dry towel basically serves as a plate for the wet towel. Tarkanian was so superstitious that he would bite the bottom side of the towel to gauge the moisture level and ensure that it was correct. He wasn’t above finding the towel moisture level unsatisfactory and shouting for a new one to take its place. These towels were always white, and always without branding. The single time that Tarkanian was served a branded towel during the game, the team lost. Branded towels were never used again.


    A little comedic towel news for you today. Yet another way to put yours to use!

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