• Why Linen Towels are the Next Big Thing

    by Lifeboat Admin ,


    Disclaimer upfront- there is absolutely nothing wrong with traditional towels. But here at Allure Tex, we’re all about the next big thing and providing you with as many options as possible. Most towels are made from cotton. Cotton is not quite as absorbent as linen. Not only does cotton not soak up liquids as well as linen, conversely, it holds on to liquids for longer periods of time than linen. If you dry a cotton towel and a linen towel side by side, you’ll notice that the linen towel dries out much faster than the cotton towel.


    This has an added bonus. Because it’s more absorbent, linen is also naturally antimicrobial. This means it won’t retain odors or rough smells and it won’t be as prone to soaking up germs.


    You may think there will be a catch when it comes to caring for your linen towels. Not the case. Linen is actually one of the most naturally friendly fabrics to wash and dry. This is why they’re becoming more and more popular at your neighborhood natural stores. Feel free to wash it regularly and if you have don’t have a dryer; you can hang it on the clothesline to dry in the breeze.


    Linen also has a natural ability to brush off odors. It doesn’t hold onto sand, or dirt or grease like cotton might. This means that linen towels are great to take to the beach because all it takes is one good shake before leaving to get in the car, and your towel feels smooth and soft, as good as new.


    Maybe I don’t have you sold quite yet. Cotton towels, including terry cloth options are a lot heavier than linen fabrics. This means that they’re much more cumbersome, and bulky to organize. When cotton towels are holding on to liquid for a longer time than linen ones, it soaks into the towels and renders them not nearly as long lasting as linen towels.


    As you may have guessed, linen and cotton do share common roots. They both hail from vegetables albeit different families. Cotton comes from the cotton plan and linen is made from fibers from the flax plant. They’ve both been around for thousands and thousands of years. Between the two, linen actually has seniority. Cotton has been around since 5,000 BC. Linen has been around since 8,000 BC.


    That’s really where the similarities end. When you hold both to your face to compare, you’ll see that cotton feels a lot cooler. It’s also smoother to the touch. In past posts we’ve discussed that cotton loses its softness over time. Linen does not. It only becomes smoother. I guess that’s an extra incentive to do the laundry!


    Because cotton is so much stronger when wet, it’s a much better tool for scrubbing away messes. You don’t need to have any concerns about damaging the towel. I don’t know about you, but I shudder away from the impermeable dampness that some towels create after cleaning a mess. Yet another scenario that you avoid with linen towels.


    And there you have it. The case for linen towels!
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