• Four Towel Hacks to Clean Up Your House

    by Lifeboat Admin ,

    Let’s face it; A towel is the easiest thing to throw on the ground when you’re done with it. No matter if it’s a hand towel, or a giant beach one, sometimes it just doesn’t seem to make it into the wash or back to its original home. Towels that remain wadded up in a corner accumulate dirt, grease and grime at an alarming rate, and by the time you get them into the wash, you’re already looking at an adventure to return them back to their proper form. Today we’ve put together four recommendations of ways to display your towels, so that you’re much more likely to return your home back to its clean and tidy state.

    The first is called the Self-Serving towel display, the wine bar of towel décor. You can avoid the hassle of changing out dirty towels day in and day out by making sure there are reinforcements for the hand towel troops, within easy reaching distance. Now wine racks aren’t just for red, white and rose. A simple wire or wooden wine rack can be an easy and inexpensive solution that ensures you always have towels available.

    For those that look uniformity, folding is the way to go. It’s all a question of where you’re storing the folded towels. There are so many unique shelving situations out there that make a great space saver for all your towels. Stack larger body or beach towels next to smaller hand towels and wash towels. The uniformity will mean that you always know exactly which to reach for. Here I have to advocate for a white color scheme. It’s the easiest color to get 100% clean. You can swap them out easily, you can bleach out any dirt or grease and they always match. Bonus.

    If you have a family full of kids and folding towels sounds ambitious, then opt for the quick roll-up. Even your youngest can be quickly taught to roll a towel, and they’ll probably have a lot of fun with it. Make sure that everyone in the family is rolling their towels in the same direction and stick them in an open cabinet or storage unit to grab whenever you head out on a day trip.

    The quickest way for towels to gather bacteria, is if they return wet and stay wet. This is extremely commonplace given the increased use of towels during warm days at the beach or near water. Bottom line, keep them off the floor. Whether you opt for hooks or a towel bar, set something up that the family will gravitate towards as soon as they arrive. If you don’t feel like installing anything but you have a ladder lying around, that’s a great substitute to keep in the garage for when you return home. Drape your towels over it and wait for them to dry.

    Keep coming back as we uncover more and more life hacks for your towels that will keep you home spick and span and your whole family happy.

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