• 5 Great Places to Donate Used Towels

    by Lifeboat Admin ,

    There are many reasons to donate anything to a good charity or philanthropy and towels are no exception. At Alluretex you’re guaranteed that the shelf life of your towels will exceed any competitors but that’s no reason why you shouldn’t update your variety at least once a year. It’s not only for safety and sanity’s sake, it’s an opportunity for you to explore the newest technological advances in microfiber on the market as well as potentially mix up the aesthetic of your home.

    However, we will never advocate for just throwing your towels away. There are way too many people out in the world who struggle on a day to day basis and would love a quality towel to use. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of five great organizations across Australia that could benefit from your donation. Click on any of the links for more information.

      1. Lighthouse Foundation- The Lighthouse Foundation was founded to support homeless youth. They support youth by sourcing safe and comfortable housing as well as a network that the youth can rely on for support and care. The goal of the Lighthouse Foundation is to help homeless youth rebuild their lives. There are eleven Lighthouses in Melbourne and regional Victoria where homeless youth stay 6-24 months.

      2. HomeGround- The mission of HomeGround is to end all homelessness in the Melbourne area. They aim to source housing and to ensure that the relationship between the housing arrangement and those being housed, is indeed long term. They’ve spent many years putting together an innovative housing model and advocating to change the system and find new solutions to end homelessness. This means working with public, private and community organizations.

      3. Compass Housing- Compass Housing is one of the largest organizations of its sort in Australia. It was established in 1985, aiming to alleviate the extensive hardship of finding housing for those with lower incomes. Compass accomplishes this by not only sourcing housing opportunities but also the necessities that come with any new house. Currently, Compass oversees more than 4,200 housing locations spread across New South Wales and Queensland.

      4. Launchpad Youth- Landscape Youth was born out of the formerly established Erskinevilla Youth Housing Inc. It was initially created in 1985. Launchpad’s service was incorporated by Sydney as an independent housing organization in 1995. Since then it has continued to source and offer both medium and long term housing solutions for those aged 16-19.

      5. Urban Seed- Urban Seed has been around for almost 20 years, gathering food, recreational items and even creative art to provide a sense of home for those who aren’t experiencing it, whether they’re homeless or suffering illness and isolation. Urban Seed focuses on projects taking place in the Melbourne CBD, in Norlane and in Flemington. Although Urban Seed isn’t yet able to source housing for all of these individuals, they can at least provide items to make their living situation a little bit more comfortable.
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