• One Stop Towel Shopping for First Time Homeowners

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    Owning your first home is a big deal. Renting a home on your own for the first time is a big deal. It’s a mark of maturity and a huge milestone in life when you’re finally ready to go out on your own. Whether it’s with friends, a significant other, or you’re flying solo, you should be very proud of yourself.


    However once all the excitement has settled, it’s a huge responsibility and can be very stressful to look around an empty home and figure out exactly what belongs in it.


    Furniture is a no brainer. And there are all kinds of helpful lists online to assist in the process of picking out knick-knacks and décor. And Alluretex is here to assist with one necessity in every room, towels.


    It has never been a better time to peruse the extensive variety available to you. Our prices have never been lower and the quality of our products continues to impress. We know that quality textiles are softer on skin and also last exponentially longer. It’s because of our long-term relationships with both importers and manufacturers that we have control for the entire supply chain and triple check the products we distribute so that we can continue our important relationships with every customer and client.


    So let’s talk about what you’ll need. First up, bed linens. The bed linens at Alluretex are made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The Classico commercial quality bed linen range is super durable, meaning that it can withstand any amount of laundry processing.


    In terms of towels, here’s an easy cheat sheet for the quantity of different towels you should purchase. In the kitchen, you’ll want four-six hand towels. In the mudroom/laundry area, plan on two pool towels for each member of your family, and two-three excess bath towels for each member of your family. Be sure to check out our sports line of towels, each equipped with a small zipped pocket for storage.


    If you care for these properly, they will last for years to come. In your bathroom make sure that you have three small washcloths per family member, three medium washcloths per family member, two bath towels per family member and an abundance of hand towels on display for guests to use.


    Sounds like an abundance of towels? Worried about the impact that this may have on your wallet? We are so proud of the prices that we can share with our customers that we’re sure this won’t be an issue for you. Even better are our bulk discounts. If you take advantage of these, you know that you’re getting quality towels across the board without making a dent in your pocketbook.


    In fact, reward yourself for all of the money you’ve saved. With moving being such a stressful time, you’ve earned a little relaxation. Check out our spa line for comfortable terry bathrobes and slippers. Now that you’ve properly outfitted your new home with the essential towels, you can kick up your feet and relax.
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