• When You Don’t Want to Get Rid of Your Towels

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    You’d be surprised what an emotional tie families can associate with their towels and associated products. It’s not just the hoarders out there, even the Alluretex team has struggled with it. Sometimes its because they remind the owners of amazing memories, sometimes (especially with beach towels) it’s the fond smells of summer that never seem to be purged from the towels, even when sand continues to spill out of them months into winter. Families remember these really affectionately.


    Well…Here at Alluretex there are a couple of things that we think about this. Firstly, each and every one of our towels is chosen for not only its aesthetic appeal but also its durability and longevity. So really, the need to dispose of your towels should never be an issue. Our towels are created to withstand the most wear and tear, even after 5+ years. Secondly, do you remember what you paid for your last Alluretex towel? I guarantee you that it was a steal. So don’t fret if you feel the need to step up your towel style game and purchase some new ones. You can ADD to your collection instead of streamlining. And thirdly, we racked our brains to determine alternative uses for these towels when they no longer are needed. Here’s what we came up with-


    Change their utility. Maybe your towel is no longer up to par for a trip to the pool, but given its strength, why not use it in the kitchen or washroom. Change its home to the man cave or garage where projects involving grease and dirt are aplenty.


    Change their owner. There’s no denying that pets are an important part of your family. Fluffy the cat or Spike the dog deserve their own towels, too! Let them have your older towels. These can be used in their bedding areas for extra comfort and padding or they can be thrown in your day bag for their next trip to the park to clean up any messes that occur.


    Change their size. If you have an overflow of large beach towels but you’ve been wanting for a new selection of washcloths, feel free to adjust accordingly. Make sure that once you cut your towel, you seal the edges by either sewing any frayed edges or applying clear nail polish to avoid any future damages.


    Or finally… Change their style. Alluretex has provided many different personalization options over the last couple of months. We’ve talked about monogramming, about adding trims, even bedazzling. Maybe all your towel needs is a little sparkle to give it back a spring in its step.


    Regardless, we’re upping the ante on our offerings here at Alluretex and hope that you take advantage. Specifically this week, check out our Summer Daze reversible towels—beautiful bright pops of color in the highest quality terry material. I think we can safely say that you can never have too many towels, so now you can get creative!
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