• When Has Your Towel Come in Handy?

    by Lifeboat Admin ,


    We know, we know- it may sound like a rhetorical question. Towels come in handy multiple times a day because their utility is, well, being handy. When you hop out of the shower, your towel is there to greet you like a warm embrace. When your youngest bashfully grins at you after spilling a giant mug of chocolate milk, you can’t get mad, you simply grab a towel. But at a whole different level, towels can be pinch hitters in the toughest of situations. Here’s a couple that came to mind for the Alluretex team.


    We call the first one, the drip annihilator. The towels at Alluretex are made of the most premium, durable and absorbent materials to ensure that dirt, grime and water do not escape. This has come in handy in a multitude of situations when faucet and shower leaks have gone awry. We wouldn’t gravitate towards your typical washcloth if your tub is flooding, but if you’re looking for a quick fix, wrapping one of our thicker towels around a pipe and securing in place with a rubber band will provide you a little bit of relief. Just make sure you call your plumber sooner rather than later.


    On deck, we have the industrial placemat. Sure the younger our kids are, the cuter they may be, but that also means that they’re very adept at making messes. This is the case especially around mealtimes. If you’re a mum or dad on the run, we respect your time and want to make cleanup as easy as possible. This may mean forfeiting your lace placemats at mealtimes. However, the industrial look is in and one way to achieve this is to repurpose your thinner towels, as placemats. They can still provide a chic and minimalistic look, depending on the color and material. As a plus, when the meal is done, sweep them up and throw them immediately in the wash. You don’t have to worry about being delicate with these; they’re made to endure wear and tear. Now you can focus on just how adorable your toddlers look while they’re playing with their food. In fact, now you may just be able to enjoy your food!


    Finally, an incentive for a play day. This may sound a bit ambiguous, and it should. How often have you been en route to the park or beach with kids or adults alike, and you realize that you’re missing a necessary ingredient. You may not consider the towel a necessary ingredient but it’s that and more. A towel means a spontaneous picnic with your significant other, or that you can actually make it to the water park with all kids in tow and that you’ll be able to towel them off later. Believe us, the difference between wet child ride home and dry child ride home is astronomical.


    Give your towels an extra nod next time you pass your utility closet and remember that no matter how compact they may be, they make a surprisingly big difference in your day-to-day life.
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