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    Alluretex may be the hot spot for all things towels. Towels are our foundation and we’re extremely proud of the continuously growing variety of premium options. However, we have a couple of other things up our sleeves as well. Our mission is to forever grow and expand so that we’re as much of a one-stop shop for our customers as possible. One of our additional offerings is bedding. As much as towels are essential to many rooms in our homes, so is bedding. We have an impeccable variety of bed sheets and linens that will make a huge difference in your night of sleep.


    That’s not just our opinion. In fact, there’s science to back it up. Dr. Laura J Martin wrote an interesting study shared on WebMD that backs this up. Top tips for improving sleep include vacuuming your bedroom, washing your sheets and looking into less lumpy mattresses before you resort to sleep aid medication. The National Sleep Foundation commissioned a survey showing that you’re going to sleep much better when your bedroom is both clean and comfortable.


    They held their first “bedroom poll” and surveyed both sound sleepers and those that have more difficulty staying asleep. The group surveyed included responses from 1500 randomly selected adults between the ages of 25 and 55.


    “We’ve looked a lot at how medical and behavioral issues affect sleep, but we really hadn’t looked at the sleep environment in such depth,” said NSF COO David Cloud. “Frankly, we were surprised to see that senses like touch, feel and smell were so important.”


    Of the group surveyed, less than half categorized themselves as great sleepers (42%) and said that they had a good nights sleep if not every night, then definitely every other night. Seven out of ten people confirmed that they make their beds every day. Interestingly enough, those who made their beds were 19% more likely to have a good night’s sleep. A whopping nine out of ten agreed that having the right bedding made a difference in the quality of sleep. About 70% mentioned that cool room temperatures, fresh air and no background noise were the deciding factors in the quality of their sleep. Six out of ten confirmed that they change their bedding at least once a week, and that there was a noticeable improvement in sleep on the day their bedding was the most fresh.


    Now that we have you all excited about the difference good bedding can make, here are a couple of products that you should definitely check out. First is the Classico Flat Sheet. It’s made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It’s commercial quality and used in upscale hotels all over the world. This bed linen range is extremely durable and it’s able to withstand the laundry process extremely well. Another winner is the Classico Pillowcase. It’s a steal of a bargain- less than $25 for a pack of ten. Make sure that every bed in your house is outfitted with one of Alluretex’s winning bed linen products.

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