• Ask Abby- Towels Edition

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    Although we’ve covered the majority of information in past posts, it never hurts to have a compilation of the most handy facts about our products and towels in general. Here are some of the questions that we receive the most frequently-


    One customer wrote in regarding the switch from modern terry cloth towels to an older style of linen damask towels. She was unsure whether she’d like the switch. Our thoughts on this are that it’s always important to have an open mind and try new things. However, linen towels can be more expensive and less absorbent. If you’re thinking of purchasing them as a decorative piece, by all means! However, if they’re going to be used day-in and day-out by messy family members, that might not be a sound investment.


    Another customer was having very poor experiences with the “fluffy” terry cloth towels that dominate the market today. He said that although they were soft to the touch, they weren’t lasting nearly as long as he’d liked. He even compared his recent purchase (not, from Alluretex) to his grandma’s vintage towels from the early 1900’s. To that we say- well, why didn’t you purchase your “fluffy” towels from Alluretex? There are many grades of product out in the market today and you need to be careful to purchase based on both price and longevity. The age old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true here. If you’re not shelling out very much, chances are, you’re paying for a lower quality. The exception to this rule is right here at Alluretex.


    Jane H. from Melbourne questioned how to keep her towels smelling light and fresh without using dryer sheets. She’d been informed (correctly) that over time, dryer sheets can break down the microfibers in towels and cause them to become less absorbent. Lucky for Jane and all of you, we have a DIY solution for this. Vinegar. Pour half a cup of vinegar in with your detergent. It acts as a natural neutralizer for any smells. Then dry normally, either in a machine or out on the line. Both your wallet and your houseguests will thank you.


    Thomas from Hawthorn is generally a bit of a minimalist and has gone through belongings, and towels specifically at a rapid pace. Now he’s beginning to question his decision to do this, especially as he continues to buy brand new towels year after year. Alluretex towels are made to last a lifetime, so you should never run into this issue with any of our products, based on deterioration of quality. However, we know that it’s fun to mix up the aesthetic look and feel of your home, and we never want to get in the way of the creative process. The only recommendation that we make here, is to reduce, regift, recycle. Give your towels away to homeless shelters (please wash first) or to those moving house for the first time. They’ll thank you and your towels will get to live through a whole new round of tender, loving care.


    Keep sending your questions our way! We’re determined to find answers for all.

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