• What Could Towels Look Like in 500 Years?

    by Lifeboat Admin ,


    We have discussed the history of towels and our fascination with their evolution still reigns supreme. But have you noticed the massive upswing in dystopian novels and movies as of late? Everyone is obsessed with the future and what it may look like. A lot of the time it’s truly scary- take the recent American Box Office smash Mad Max for example. Or Hunger Games…where it’s a common practice for children to kill each other off in order to gain a prize. We’re sensing a violent theme here…


    However, dystopian literature and culture also gives way to a lot of creativity around the evolution of items we use today on a day-to-day basis. Everything seems to fly or be powered electronically. There are no wires. We assume washing machines are no more and everything is cleaned at the touch of a button. Oh, what a perfect world! That got us thinking, “What could towels look like in 500 years?” Are they archaic? Are they even necessary? Will future populations shower, and will there even be beaches and parks for towels to accompany us to? As far as we’re concerned, we say yes. And we had a little fun imagining what these scenarios could be:


    What if towels were holograms? We’re already seeing the hologram technology take off to mass appeal in music festivals and concerts like this one. What if a hologram was able to read the moisture level in the surface you were cleaning and act accordingly? Where would the moisture go? Well, what if it was contained by this hologram towels and then released somehow back into the water system. Water science and conservation at its finest!


    Or what if towels flew? I know Aladdin already kind of covered this one off, but we’ve all been in those awkward moments where we’ve forgotten our towel and it’s just a little bit too far away. The future may just solve these embarrassing moments. With just a press of a button or a snap of your fingers (Okay, that’s a little bit Walt Disney), your towel may just whisk itself away from the cabinet or closet and fly to do your bidding. Wouldn’t that be ideal?


    We haven’t covered off laundry yet. Here at Alluretex we’re wary to believe that any scientist could fully eliminate the process. Plus the nostalgic in us would have a hard time letting go. That doesn’t mean this process couldn’t be made infinitely better. For example, we know that there are prototypes and even examples out on the market of combination washer and dryer. Let’s talk one step further- genius combination washer and dryers who figure out their contents all on their own. They know that they’re currently in charge of Grandfather’s favorite suit with the wine stain you swore you wouldn’t cause, they’re aware of your fragile, flimsy dance dress that needs extra care. Toss all of these in and watch the magic happen.


    Maybe this dystopian world isn’t such a bad place after all…We can dream, right?
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