• Spotlighting the Best Towels For Each Industry

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    Alluretex is not a one trick pony. We pride ourselves on seeking out the best towels for each industry and ensuring that they are second to none. There is a misconception that a towel is a towel is a towel and that any towel will work for any purpose. We aim to clear this up in a cost-effective, durable and luxurious way.


    When we first started the company, it took a lot of thoughtful research to determine different industries in which the right towels make all the difference. Though there are definitely more than we profile, we knew that we had the best products to provide businesses offering sports, spa, hospitality and salon services. It’s hard to pick favorite products from the Alluretex selection but this post takes the time to give shout outs to the select few that make our favorite of favorites list.


    First up, hairdressing and beauty. Towels used in salons need to be functional and beautiful. They’re out on display all the time, and they go through multiple uses each day. Alluretex prides itself in distributing the Excel line at ridiculously good prices. Excel Salon Towels are less than four dollars a piece and come in packs of ten. We offer them in black and they’ve been tried and tested in the market for many years. They’re made from 100% cotton terry from 2ply yarn and they’re pre-shrunk for dimensional stability. They’ve been chemically treated with vat dyes so that they retain their color and they’re the most resistant to bleach.


    Next industry up, is hospitality. Towels in hotels and rental properties are a calling card. Many a towel faux pas has cost a business clients. This is partly because guests know that their towels have been used by other attendee’s. It’s very obvious if they’re sub par or not well tended to. That’s why we offer the Elite line. We have the Elite Small Hand Towels in all colors of the rainbow so your business’s branding can translate into all the small details of your aesthetic. The Elite Small Hand Towel is 100% commercial quality terry. There’s no header, maximum space for usage.


    Gyms, sporting clinics and golf businesses need towels that perform. Activities that take place at these businesses produce a lot of sweat and they need towels that can take the heat, no pun intended. Elite also offers towels that stand up to these challenges. Remember that with any of these towels, if you order before 2pm Monday through Friday, your towels will be shipped out the very next working day.


    Spas and wellness clinics may seem very similar to hairdressing and beauty salons, but the touch and texture is exponentially more important here. Your customers are lying on these towels for long periods of time. Sometimes they’re the very first impression. New Plush Luxury offers towels that luxurious and contemporary 100% cotton winners.


    With any of these towels, your business will be set up for 100% success.

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