• Why Washing Your Towels Is More Important Than You Think

    by Lifeboat Admin ,


    Full disclaimer- this post mentions skin bacterial diseases that can be contracted from moldy or dirty towels. We try not to go into too much detail, but you’ve been warned.


    Sometimes dirt on your towel is very obvious. Maybe it’s post soccer match and it was a particularly dirty, muddy day. Then there’s no getting around that blatant dirt. Sometimes you’re able to turn a slightly blind eye and pretend that your towels don’t need to be washed for another couple of days. Case-in-point, when lemonade spilled over at lunch and you managed to wipe it up in a snap. So the dirt isn’t visual but you know that your towel probably needs to make it into the washing machine sooner, rather than later.


    But whether it’s visible or not, it’s more dangerous than you know. Those tiny bacteria multiply so quickly and so easily and before you know it, they’ve jumped from towel to towel. And if you practice good hygiene and wash your towels regularly, then you can avoid all that is detailed below.


    A lot of towels are made from 100% cotton. When you step out of the shower and towel off, you eliminate a lot of the germs and dirt that have accumulated on your skin. But conversely, a lot of the dead skin on your body sticks to the towel. The same is true in the kitchen when you wash your hands with the same towel over and over again without throwing it into the washing machine. Thus, your towel becomes a nesting place for the mildew endemic in humid bathrooms. Your bathroom becomes a terrarium. And not the trendy sort that you can put on display in your living room area. We’re talking about the same mildew that affects plastic shower curtains. It can also have hazardous effects on your towels.


    You’ve probably been advised to run a fan while bathing, or even open the windows, but it’s very common for most people to turn off the fan or close the windows as soon as they begin drying off. It’s actually even more important to promote circulation post shower or bath.


    Now we don’t want to gross you out so we won’t go too firmly in depth on each of these. Google them on your own time. Diseases contagious from moldy towels include Barber’s Rash, Conjunctivitis, and Impetigo. They include Trachoma and Tinea. All promote skin rashes and peels that we’re sure you’d rather avoid. All are treatable via creams and medication, but even better, all are most easily preventable.


    Okay, gross part of the post is complete. By now I’m sure you’re clamoring to run to the bathroom and kitchen and get your towels immediately into the wash. Switch on the fan and open all the windows. Remember that successful towel care requires a finely tuned process. No fabric softener and add vinegar if your towels are particularly smelly. The above is easily preventable. Knowledge is key.
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