• Why Towels Are a Standout Swag Item for Your Company

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    What is swag? A bizarre word that has come into play more than ever as of late. A term you’re hearing more and more, we wager. We’re here to clarify. Swag is any variety of branded giveaways that companies of all shapes and sizes can distribute. They can distribute swag at launches, in offices, for milestone wins and events. It can be absolutely anything that you dream of—believe me, we’ve seen it all. Terrible swag can leave your customers with a bad taste in their mouths. Well thought-out swag sets a company apart from its competitors because everyone loves swag that shows a business understands and appreciates its customers. Are we right?


    There’s something so cool about walking away with a limited edition piece of swag adorned with the branding of your favorite company. There are only so many of you in the world that are lucky enough to be the owner of such swag, you lucky duck. You’re a glamorous billboard for a brand that you want to represent and share with the world. We’re seeing a huge upswing at Alluretex in requests for branded towels as giveaways at your next corporate event.


    It makes sense. There are many trendy swag items that bear no importance to the recipient. We’ve been to events lately where giveaways have included branded window cleaners, doormats and socks. So, you want your company name clear and present when your customers are cleaning their windows, wiping their feet and then covering them? We didn’t think so.


    Towels on the other hand, send the right message, no matter what your company and your target consumer. You take a towel with you to the gym, where you’re working to get your body in the best and most healthy shape. You take your towel with you to a spa, where you can relax and regain your self-awareness. You take your towel with you on the most epic of adventures with your family and loved ones, making life long memories that you’ll never forget. Don’t all of these sound like dynamite places to showcase the values of your business? We thought so as well.


    An amazing added bonus? You’ve read about it on our blog but we feel a need to remind you about the amazing cost savings when you buy in bulk at Alluretex. This is one scenario where it pays to shop more. The more towels you buy, the more dollars you and your business can save. We can also point you in the direction of amazing resources to customize our towels and make them your own. Whether you want to screen print or embroider, steam or bedazzle, it’s a blank canvas to paint a picture of what your business means to you.


    So take a peek around our site at the different available products and decide which Alluretex towel may work best for your next distribution of swag. Any questions? You know that we’re always happy to answer.
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