• Towel Folding- Intermediate Options

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    What’s your party trick? Your go-to way to break the ice at a party or a gathering? Can you juggle? Can you tie a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue? Freestyle rap on command? If you can freestyle rap on command, please reach out with a video for our comedic benefit. Well, we may be biased because we find so much aesthetic pleasure in towels au natural. So when we run into cool and cute ways to fold towels and put them on display, well it just tickles us. Hence, our party trick. We’ve covered some basic ways to fold towels on the Alluretex blog in past posts. Consider this your the next step in your training with two fun options, the intermediate Alluretex tutorial in towel folding.


    Let’s begin with the swan towel. The swan towel is appropriate in any environment. The swan is sophisticated and serene, the perfect mascot for a spa or relaxation clinic. It’s finessed enough that it would feel right at home on a restaurant table. And it’s beautiful enough to make a snazzy gift for a loved one. Let’s get started. Begin by laying the towel flat in a landscape orientation. Now fold the top corners downwards and inwards. They’ll meet in the center of the towel. The next step is to roll the outside edges inward towards the center. You’ll looking at an arrow. Twist the arrow into a Z. And voila! Lay the “Z” down and squeeze the corners to give your swan the curves that she or he deserves.


    Another fun way to fold your towel is to create a towel monkey. The towel monkey is a little bit goofier than the swan towel. The towel monkey can be a best friend to all ages, your younger ones especially. Learn how to make the towel monkey and you’ll be a hit with ages five through ninety-five. This is another towel folding method that begins in a landscape orientation. Now roll both sides of your towel until they meet in the middle. You’re going to fold your towel in half, ensuring that the rounded sides of your rolls are facing outwards. Now lay the towel down. You should have four circles facing you. Find the four corners of each circle (sixteen corners altogether). Expose these slightly by peeling them back. Pull the upper left corner and the lower left corner towards the left. Conversely pull the upper right corner and the lower right corner. Which way do you think you pull them? To the right! Now you have your monkey body. You will need a prop for this job. Grab a clothes hanger and a couple of clothespins to affix the towel monkey to the hanger. Moving on to your washcloth. Great option? The Elite Face Washer. Fold it corner to corner so that it makes a triangle and fold the sides into the middle. Now fold the resulting square in half once again. Open the folded end and pull it over the corners. You have your monkey head! Let’s place the head in between the arms of the monkey’s body and there you go!
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