• When Towels Are the Top Billed Stars in Cinema

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    We know that you’re familiar with the importance of good towels. If you’re not, there is an abundance of informative posts right here on our Alluretex blog, which can help convince you of our stance. Above and beyond your helpful tips and tricks, we want to share with you just how important towels can be for a variety of audiences.


    There are so many amazing movies where towels have played a dominant role. Shower scenes and beach scenes can be funny, they can be romantic, and they can even be scary. Here are five standout examples of movies where the towel in question may have really stolen the show.


      1. Pillow Talk was the first of many amazing romantic comedies starring the chemistry of Rock Hudson and Doris Day. It’s full of genuine and goofy comedic fun. If you’re not familiar, Rock Hudson is a Broadway composer and Doris Day is an interior decorator. Throughout the entirety of the film, Hudson and Day are filmed in split screen, including a funny bath scene where their towels definitely come in handy.

      2. Psycho is a very well known horror film that you’ve most likely heard of. It’s even spawned a successful American television show called Bates Motel. Norman Bates is a disturbed man who kills unsuspecting female occupants at his motel. There have been several version of this film, but in each Marion Crane is brutally murdered in her shower. We’re betting that she wished she had one of our Hawaiian Beach Towels to shield her under trouble.


      3. When we say Scarface, baths and towels probably aren’t the first thing to jump to mind. There is an unfortunate bath scene in the first part of the movie, involving a chain saw, but that’s not our standout pick. Instead it’s Al Pacino, who plays a Cuban cocaine kingpin lounging in a huge bubble bath. This isn’t just any bubble bath, it’s definitely one whose size and grandeur is to be envied. The juxtaposition of someone so sinister surrounded by playful bubbles just makes the scene even better.


      4. Speaking of Al Pacino, did you know that he almost took Richard Gere’s role of Edward Lewis in Pretty Woman? Although Pacino is a wonderful actor, we’re glad that Richard Gere was able to hold on to the role. There are a couple of awesome bathtub scenes in Pretty Woman and it’s safe to say that Julia Robert’s character is ensconced in some pretty comfortable, fluffy towels. Our favorite is Julia’s bath dance party with her new Walkman. Where did those go, anyway?

      5. The Big Lebowski is a cult film for so many reasons. It’s become a tradition in cities around the world to attend screenings in bathrobes, carrying White Russians. Another opportunity where the Alluretex bathrobe products would have come in handy but we think the cast of The Big Lebowski did okay on their own. “The Dude”, also known as Jeff Lebowski does baths like no one else, he de-stresses with candles and green herbage. Just another reminder that with great, comfortable, durable towels, comes the promise of a time filled with peace and nirvana.

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