• Towel Adventures: Spotlight on Backpacking

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    Backpacking is making a comeback. Not that it ever left, but trekkers and lazybones alike are realizing what an adventurous form of exercise it can be. We’re not partial to either the trekkers or the lazybones; we’d like to say we’re somewhere right in the middle. That means that we find great solace in taking a rest on the shelf of a mountain or breathing in the fresh mountain air that seems to accompany so many idyllic getaways around Australia. We find equal exhilaration in leaning into a steep climb, digging in your toes and clawing your way those last ten meters to the top. We’re ready to take that leap (metaphorical and physical) into the gushing waterfall below, and our Alluretex towels allow you to be prepared for both your trekker side, and your lazybones side.


    Maybe you don’t feel qualified to be a hiker or a backpacker. You’ve seen the crazy GoPro videos of adrenaline junkies hurling themselves off of steep cliffs into the abysses below. Well we’re here to tell you that with the proper gear, anyone can be an adventurous backpacker.


    First misnomer- backpacking does not mean that you have to spend ten days in the wilderness. It does not mean dehydrated food and gallons of water strapped to your back. There is different and equal value in taking a Saturday afternoon and taking a walk with your family or loved ones up a nearby hill. If you have kids, this is probably an even better option. Pack your Signature Sports Towel (or two or three or four), ingredients for s’mores, a Frisbee to toss around and head off into the unknown…er, or the known.


    If you’re feeling up to it, and you’re in Australia, then you already know how blessed you are with so many available options for hikes and backpacking. You can find an extensive list of them sourced by Outside Online, here. A couple of our favorites include Tasmanian Overland Trek, Blue Mountains, and those in a beach-y mood- Whitsunday Great Walk. Do not forget your camera if you’re embarking on a quest to any of these, repeat- do not forget your camera!


    All three of the aforementioned hikes involve some sort of body of water, hence why Alluretex come in handy more often than most other brands. You don’t want to be weighed down walking around with a sopping wet towel (or two, or three, or four), you want your towel to quickly soak up moisture, and serve as an anti-microbial barrier between any wildlife bacteria and the skin of your loved ones. After toweling off mid-adventure, roll your towel up and affix to the top of your bag. This way, the (hopefully) sunny day will dry your towel(s) out as quickly as possible.


    Feeling wanderlust yet? Don’t forget to check out the epic shots of Australia’s wildlife found here. And if you are going to go off on an adventure, send us a pic of where you and your Alluretex towel are traveling next.
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