• Trendy Towel Patterns This Season

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    Every season Alluretex does our due diligence, checking out trends in the towel market, educating ourselves on the newest innovations in the industry. We like to think of ourselves as innovators in the marketing journey, ahead of the curve and putting the newest and coolest products on our site for you to choose.


    That means that our posts about different towel trends are continuously evolving. You can always depend on us as a valuable resource to make sure that your towel trends are on point, in the house and out on the town.


    It’s a new school year for many and that means that the hunt is on for new and improved towels. It’s time to revamp your image and decide exactly who you’re going to be for the coming year. Let’s be clear, this decision knows no age. This is the perfect time for those aged four through ninety-four to reboot your towel image, inside the house and out on the street. Are you going to be edgy? Colorful? Simple? Classic? No shame in any of those games. In fact, we have the intel and the product know-how to make sure that you can shop any and all of the above.


    The most common trend right now out on the towel street? Color, color and more color. We have a couple of favorites on our site that will please even the most artistic of our customers. These include the Checkerboard Sports Towel and the Amalfi Summer Striped Pool & Beach Towel. Both make you happy just by looking at them on our site, can you even imagine that emotional benefits in toting those along on your next outdoor adventure? The emotional benefits increase tenfold when you realize exactly how little you’re spending and the shelf life you’ll get out of your new purchases. If that’s not a big enough smile, we don’t know what is.


    Chevron is another pattern that continues to have staying power. We’re not surprised- it’s sassy and sweet and has traversed into the fashion world in a variety of beach-worthy dresses, tops and skirts for the ladies, and t-shirts for the gents. Want to know an insider secret of its success? Chevron is extremely flattering! It’s the science of the pattern, involving both horizontal and vertical stripes that keeps you guessing. We’ve got a Chevron towel for the books- the Chevron Fringe Towel will bring color to any room inside your home or business or dress up any day outside in which you’re feeling dreary.


    You classical gals and gents out there are shaking your heads, but never fear- classic and comfortable towels never go out of style. If you’re shying away from popular patterns for the season, do not despair. Your style is timeless and you can always assume that Alluretex has towels in every color of the rainbow just for you.


    We’ve scratched the tip of the season trends iceberg. Stay tuned for more ways to step up your towel game for the upcoming season.
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