• Locker Room Etiquette for the Coming Year

    by Lifeboat Admin ,


    We’re pretty stuck on this back-to-school season. For students of all ages all over the world it’s time to dust off your dress shoes, make character resolutions and become the new version of your best self. Who cares how well you did in classes last year? Who cares if the bully was not your best friend? Who cares? We don’t and you shouldn’t because we’re about to make this, the best year ever.


    Here at Alluretex, obviously we look at things with a bit of a skew towards towels and their importance in your day-to-day life. What can we say? It’s kind of our passion. And where are towels the supreme reigning accessory when it comes to back to school? The locker room.


    Locker rooms can be a scary place to navigate but they’re extremely important. And today, we’d like to recap best practices when it comes to locker room etiquette.


    Tip #1- Respect space. Respect your space and respect the space of those around you. If you’re the first one to enter the locker room and you don’t yet have an assigned locker, you have hit the jackpot. You get to be a little bit strategic about where you’d like to hang your hat, so to speak, for the year. We recommend lockers furthest from the showers. There is less likelihood of water damage to any of your belongings. You’re also less likely to slip if there is access water on the floor. Finally, you’ll find the most privacy the furthest away from the showers.


    If you’re not the first to enter the locker room, never fear, there are still lockers and changing areas up for grabs. However, don’t crowd your fellow classmates. If at all possible, make sure there is one locker in between you and those you’re sharing the locker room. It’s common courtesy, especially if you or they are changing, and they’ll appreciate it greatly.


    Tip #2- Respect your belongings and pack accordingly. There are all kinds of items on the “to pack” list that don’t quite make the list. They’re underground suggestions. They include- body glide if you’re a runner, face towlettes for the ladies out there after gym, a small snack if you’re someone who deals with low blood sugar, and above all—an extra towel. You’re already ahead of the game, knowing the best towel company around. For both your primary and secondary towel, we recommend checking out the Signature Sports Towel. It’s thick and luxurious, but keeps you fresh and clean at a low price.


    Tip #3- Have your routine ready to go. Try not to dawdle in the locker room. You want to be in and out and on to your next activity. Namely because, carpe diem right? Also, those who dawdle frequently get stuck with smelly locker rooms and potential cleaning duties under strict gym teachers. No routine locked down yet? For those days when you know you’re going to be active we recommend packing in advance, changing quickly, showering with a small set of body products, changing and giving a high five to your neighbors. Because you just aced locker room etiquette.
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