• Why Buying Your Towels Online Makes the Most Sense

    by Lifeboat Admin ,


    There have been a lot of conversations in the industry lately about ecommerce versus in-store experiences. So many revolutionary things are happening to bridge the two. In twenty years, you may be able to click on something online and have a hologram of it appear in front of you, for you to touch and feel and experience for yourself. Who knows? The sky is the limit when it comes to technology these days.


    But that doesn’t mean that the two still remain very different camps, each championing their own cause. The devout brick-and-mortar store fans do not believe that Websites can provide the same level of customer experience. There’s no conversation back and forth to determine the best product for you when you’re clicking on products online. There’s no emotion and no customer to product relationship.


    Well…to each their own, but Alluretex is fully on the opposing team on this one. First, let’s eradicate each of the above myths. Our customer service experts are always available to answer questions, in a myriad of mediums. You can email, you can call, you can even ask real-time using our contract form, and someone will return an answer promptly.


    Our customer service experts are just that, experts. They have years and years of towel experience and they know each of our products inside and out. Honestly, their homes and businesses are probably loaded with them, since they love them so much. There is no better advocate to explain which Alluretex product will work best for you and your family or business.


    Once our customer service experts help you choose your Alluretex product, the journey doesn’t end. We want to know what your experience has been, both on our site and with our products. We want to follow up with care instructions, ideas for how to maximize use of your towels, and how to ensure maximum longevity and durability. And should you not be absolutely in love with the product that you’ve chosen, guess what? Speedy and cost-free returns. We’re only as successful as you are happy. If you’re not over the moon about the towel that you’ve chosen, simply return and we’ll figure out an alternative solution.


    Okay, so myths eradicated. What makes shopping on Alluretex.com a step above a brick and mortar? So many things. First of all, convenience. You are so busy, juggling so many different things. Why should you have to take an hour out of your day to visit your premium towel retailer, when you can multi-task during a free moment and cut down on that time exponentially.


    Convenience is also buying in bulk. We pride ourselves on our inventory, especially since each style is tried and true. Buying towels for your business or for your sports team? You won’t have to make multiple trips to the store, to ensure that the styles match. Buy in bulk, save on cost, and have the best towels around sent your way, as speedily as possible.


    Sold you on Web shopping? We thought that might be the case.
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