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    They need no introduction. No spin and no marketing shpiel. They pretty much announce themselves. In fact, comfy, cozy slippers may just sell themselves. So consider this not a description of how amazing they are, but rather an outlet for us to wax lyrical about the difference that they’ve made in the Alluretex team members’ lives.


    More often than not, you’re on your feet for most of the day. You may not be running marathons (and if you are, extra kudos to you), but you lose track of the ground that you cover, the pressure that you put on your overworked feet.


    They’re an under appreciated part of your body. Sure, there’s a market for foot massages and pedicures; But we shove them into uncomfortable shoes, use them to kick and drive force against large objects and follow them around every minute, of every hour of every day. You could technically say that they lead us through life.


    So why don’t we give them the tender love and care that they deserve? If we haven’t enough in the past, it’s time that we start. And Alluretex wants to drive that change with our Adjustable Spa Slipper. These babies aren’t just for massage parlors and sport clubs. They’re the kind of feel good that you’ll want to experience as soon as you walk in the door, that you dream about as you count down the minutes until the end of the day. There will be no point for fluffy carpeting, no use for comfortable rugs, you’ll be able to gallivant around on any type of flooring because these slippers are so dang comfortable.


    All right, that was more of a sell than anticipated. But we haven’t even mentioned the price yet. Anything you throw out right now, based on the benefits listed, would be exponentially higher than you’d imagine. These lovely, dynamic, versatile slippers are only $2.30 a pair. You’d be silly not to get the 10-pack for less than $25. Personally, the team members here would choose the 10-pack and wear each and every one. However for those more savvy or philanthropic than us, this is an amazing offer for a variety of businesses, organizations and teams.


    Their style contributes to their versatility. A pure and relaxing white works with every branding scheme, works with every interior design scheme, works with every outfit that you might wear. It’s also a blank slate for artistic fun. Bring these slippers to a decorating party with your favorite group of friends and watch the personalization in action. You can paint, you can draw, you can even bedazzle, whatever you want to make these, your own.


    Here at Alluretex we tend to geek out pretty hard over all of our products and as you can tell by the above monologue, this is no different. Over the coming weeks we’ll continue to share with you our recommendations, tried and tested and in our minds, just perfect for you and your loved ones.
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