• Proper Cleaning with Your Alluretex Towels

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    If you’ve spent any time on the Alluretex recently, you’ve probably noticed that our extensive variety is the best that it’s ever been. We just keep continuing to find amazing towel products that we can’t wait to share with you. It’s a bit of a problem.


    We see towels as having dozens of uses. In the past we’ve championed the most important—you and your loved ones. We want to ensure that there are always a multitude of different towels to choose from that you can use on sensitive skin after a hot shower, a long day or an adventure out in the wild.


    Ironically, the next issue we found most important is the care of your towels. If you’re going to be using them to clean you, we want to ensure that they’re in peak condition themselves. This means the proper amount of time in the washing machine at the proper temperature (adding vinegar is never a bad idea), no fabric softener, and the proper amount of time drying. When your Alluretex products are well-cared for, they care well for you.


    But what about the other important things in your life? The slightly more replaceable but no less valued things like your home or business, your car and your belongings. We want these to be spotless as well. So now it’s time to tell you how best to take care of these, with your Alluretex towel right there in the spotlight.


    An element that Alluretex looks for, whenever we work with distributors and look at new products is the absorbability of each towel. If a towel is absorbent, it will whisk away dirt and moisture more easily and it will also be more evasive to mold. Make sure that when you’re choosing towels for cleaning your car, home and belongings that you’re steering away from the fluffy towels that you would use on yourself. They’re less utilitarian, your things won’t mind if the cleaning is slightly more abrasive, after all.


    Make sure that you’re using the right products as well. It may go without saying, but concentrated bleach will turn your towels white. If you know that you’re going to be working with bleach, a great towel option is our Elite Mega Towel. The Elite Mega Towel is both elite and mega for multiple reasons. Those don’t include the price. This towel is a steal, at less than $20. It’s 100% cotton commercial terry and has received rave reviews from other users. It holds up after dozens of washes and still performs at its best. It’s 90cm x 180cm with a gsm of 500.


    Even if you’re not working with bleach, take a look at the ingredients in your cleaning detergents and solutions. Make sure that they’re not too harsh on your belongings. If you’re noticing that surfaces are wearing down more quickly than they should, then check out gentler, organic ingredients. They’ll still get the job done.


    While you should always do your research on cleaning products, when it comes to cleaning towels- you’ll always be in good hands with Alluretex.
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