• Industry Spotlight: The Best Towels For Your Sports Club This Season

    by Lifeboat Admin ,


    It wasn’t hard to identify certain industries that we wanted to partner with as a premium towel distributor. Sports clubs was probably the first no-brainer. Not only do gyms need great towels, they need a lot of them as they go through them at a manic rate.


    That’s one of several reasons why Alluretex not only offers free shipping for orders over $500, but also offers all models in bulk (with savings, might we add). You’ll need to stock up on towels less frequently and rest easy knowing that their durability is top of the line.


    Sports clubs are an increasingly competitive business niche to break into. There is a new fitness trend every day—Tae Bo, cycling, twelve different sorts of dance- what’s next? Staying ahead of the curve is just one metric for success in this day and age.


    So what does staying ahead of the curve mean this season? It means making your life as easy as possible at the gym. After all, it’s taken enough effort for your gym’s customers to get out of bed or off the couch and into your doors. Let’s give them incentives like simplicity and style to keep them working out regularly and frequently. Our Sports Towel Pocket & Zip is a great example of success in this area. It’s a paltry $6.05 per piece, and comes in packages of five. It’s soft and absorbent and available in a myriad of bright and bold colors. But what really separates it? A zipped pocket, perfect for any small accessories, which you would normally leave like a trail of breadcrumbs around the facility.


    Our Microfibre Sports Towel is another winner, which continues to fly off the shelves. It’s less than $50 for a pack of ten. There are a couple of things, which really set this towel apart. First of all, it is microfiber, 100% polyester, so you know it’s wicking up moisture faster than most other materials. This shammy is packed neatly into a mesh bag, ideal for all inter-club activities, which may take you outside or off the premises.


    And then, the pinnacle- the towel that combines both of the above. The Microfibre with Pocket Sports Towel is 100% polyester microfiber. It’s fluffy, soft and absorbent. It also boasts pocket and zip. No longer will you leave your phone, snack or water bottle next to any of the machines and have to backtrack hours later.


    After your customers have worked their butts off, there’s nothing more rewarding than a hot shower or time in the sauna. Each and every one of our Alluretex towels are geared towards success in this area. We believe that there is no tradeoff between beauty and comfort. We’ll find the perfect towel to fit the look and feel of your sports club, the perfect towel to send your customers home with positive perceptions of the gym. And that’s a win in itself, isn’t it? Now let’s just make sure that they don’t sneak home with the towels…

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