• 4 Awesome Ways to Spend Christmas on a Beach This Year

    by Billy Somaia ,

    Spend Christmas on a Beach This Year

    What does Christmas mean to you? Maybe it conjures up images of idyllic pine forests and log cabins lightly dusted with snow, an open fire and carol singers wrapped up in winter layers. Perhaps it makes you think of snow, of reindeer and of sub-zero temperatures that hit you when you step out the front door.

    Well, it would do so if you weren’t Australian! For us Aussies, Christmas is a little different; it’s summer for a start, so we don’t need to worry about bundling up in the cold or watching our step on icy roads. Instead, it’s time to enjoy ourselves in the sun as we raise a turkey sandwich and a glass of chilled lemonade to toast our unfortunate brothers and sisters north of the equator.

    It’s the middle of summer down here, so surely it’s time for a trip to the beach. Here’s why you should be spending your Christmas by the seaside this year.

    A Festive Tan

    When you’re cooking that turkey to perfection this Christmas, don’t forget to give yourself a festive glow with a yuletide tanning session. Remember not to overdo it and to wear plenty of sunscreen, as the sun can get pretty brutal around this time of year.

    Holiday Lounging

    Christmas can be a stressful time. You’ve got presents to buy, errands to run, parties Bikini clad girl holding Google printed blue Towel by the swimming poolto attend and – possibly – to plan, so it’s important to remember to give yourself a bit of much needed down-time. Roll out our Hawaiian Paradise Pool and Beach Towel, pick up a good book and have yourself a relaxing time by the beach. That should recharge your batteries so you can be ready for the January sales!



    Beach Sports

    Unless you’re one of the lucky 1%, you are going to come out the other side of Christmas with at least a couple of extra pounds in your carry-on luggage, if you know what we mean.

    People will tell you that this is what New Year’s resolutions are for, but why wait until January 31st? Get ahead of the game with some fun, festive beach sports this Christmas, and make a bit of room for an extra slice of mince pie or two after Christmas dinner.

    Beach Barbecue

    If only there was a way to bring the festive tradition of good eating outdoors, so that you could enjoy it by the beach. Fortunately, there is! You may have heard of it; it’s called a barbecue.

    Barbecues are a modern Christmas tradition in Australia, much the same as slipping over on icy pavements has become a standard Christmas pastime in Britain. Embrace this relatively recent addition to Christmas culture and have yourself a festive barbecue this holiday season.

    What have you got planned for Christmas? What beaches are you going to be hitting up? Let us know!

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