• Follow these 5 Steps to Build Your Own Epic Towel Fort

    by Billy Somaia ,

    How to Build a Towel Fort

    Back in pre-historic times, humans were hunter-gatherers. We lived off the land and we built our own shelters. What a shame that we’ve become so disconnected from our primal roots.

    It’s time to reconnect. Grabs some towels, bring the family, get to a beach and build the perfect beachside shelter; the towel fort!

    Read on for our step-by-step guide.


    Step 1: Gather Your Materials

    What does any shelter need? It needs a structure, supports and a roof and walls. Deckchairs usually work great as supports, so bring at least two of these for a small fort, more for a larger one.

    You will also need to bring several large beach towels with you to act as the roof and walls. The number of towels you will need depends on the size of your fort and the size of the towels in question.


    Step 2: Choose Your Location

    You need a great location for your fort. Scout out the beach and find the optimum position that gets just the right amount of sun, commands strategic views of the beach and is out of the way of the tide.


    Step 3: Secure the Supports

    First, you need to mark out the area of your fort. How long will it be? How wide must it beBlue stripe towel and pillow bag placed on a deckchair on a beach to fit everyone inside? Once this is marked out, you can position the supports. Set up the deckchairs at either end of the fort base. You may want to heap sand over the legs of each chair to provide additional support. After conducting a few tests – i.e. shaking the supports gently by hand to make sure they won’t get blown over in a light breeze – the fort is ready for the roof.

    Step 4: Install the Roof and Walls

    Lay the largest beach towel over the top of the deckchairs to act as the roof. At the corners of the towel, tie it on to the deckchairs to anchor it into position.

    Now, drape the remaining towels over the ends of the fort and at the back and front, leaving a small opening for entry and exit. Conduct a quick check to make sure that all sides of the fort are covered.


    Step 5: Enjoy Your Fort

    Hey presto! Your fort is complete. Now it is time to get inside and enjoy your freshly built shelter.

    How did your fort building session go? Get in touch and let us know, and don’t forget to provide us with some pictures of your handiwork.

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