• 5 Beach Songs Every Playlist Should Include

    by Pavan Punjabi ,

    Top 5 Beach Songs

    A great beach party needs some great beach songs to go along with it. Here we’ve compiled a short rundown of the top 5 beach songs to accompany the festivities.

    It’s an eclectic mix, with soulful tunes rubbing up against retro beach classics, and ‘80s power pop nestling comfortably next to four-to-the-floor, out-and-out rock. We hope you enjoy our Top 5 as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

    We have added hyperlinks to enable you to listen to the songs on YouTube. Simply click the song name in every paragraph.

     In the foreground, a wooden table atop which, a cocktail glass filled with a green drink, garnished with a wedge of lemon. In the background, a beach party set against the setting sun at a beach.

    Beach Boys – Barbara Ann

    You can’t have a rundown of the best beach tracks without a belter from The Beach Boys themselves. The Californian sextet recorded their version of the doo-wop hit Barbara Ann back in 1965, and time has turned this number into a bona-fide classic.

    The glistening Wilson Brothers harmonies on Barbara Ann make this track a sure-fire winner for any beach party.


    Elizabeth Daily – Shake it Up

    If there’s a tune more suited to the beach than this slice of borderline-cheesy ‘80s power pop, we haven’t heard it. After all, drying your mane in the sun after a dip in the sea is going to leave you with the sort of big hair that people paid hundreds of dollars for back in the decade that style forgot.

    Fun fact: Elizabeth Daily would go on to voice Tommy Pickles in Rugrats. The song Shake it Up also featured in the cult classic 80's film, Scarface.


    AC/DC – TNT

    Time for some homegrown Aussie rock’n’roll. Not content with naming themselves after an acronym, the Sydney-based hard rockers decided to do the same thing with their second studio album; 1975’s TNT.

    The record’s title track is a 100ft high wall of pure good times; the perfect accompaniment to a great day at the beach.


    NWA – Express Yourself

    Unless we’re very much mistaken, Express Yourself is pretty much the only “family friendly” track recorded by Los Angeles hip-hop outfit NWA.

    It also happens to be a total beach anthem, packed with the sort of catchy hooks and unbridled positivity that make summer so great. Turn it up loud, lie back on your favourite beach towel, and guarantee yourself a top time by the sea.


    The Drifters – Under the Boardwalk

    When the day is done, the sun starts to set and you need something a little more soulful and mellow to match the mood, The Drifter’s 1964 hit Under the Boardwalk is the perfect soundtrack.

    Just make sure you add the right version to your playlist. While some later recordings – The Temptations’ version, for example – have been top notch, others (hang your head in shame, Bruce Willis) haven’t been quite so on the money.

    So, what do you think? Do any of our songs make your Top 5? Don’t forget to let us know!

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