• 4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Towels

    by Billy Somaia ,

    Towel Tips

    If you've read our previous blogs, you would A pile of luxor bath towels on a shelf next to a faucetalready know that the humble towel is in fact, the single most important thing in the Universe

    A great towel is one that stays soft, smooth and luxurious to the touch, even after repeated washes, but choosing a robust and durable towel is only half of the battle.

    We still need to take care when washing, drying and generally looking after our towels, to ensure that they stay fresh for longer.

    Read on for four of our top tips for towel care, and discover how to get the most out of your towels.



    Ditch the Fabric Softener

    Of course you want your towels to be soft, so it makes sense to reach for the fabric softener when you decide that your old towels need a lift.

    This is a mistake and can be detrimental to the towel’s absorbency and functionality in the long run. If you want to give your towels a boost, try adding a quarter cup of distilled white vinegar to each wash load to increase the softness. This is a handy way to freshen up older towels without causing the waxy build-up associated with fabric softeners.


    Shake, Shake, Shake

    When you remove your towels from the machine after a wash, give them a quick shake. This will effectively ‘plump’ them, making them feel more plush and increasing their absorbency after they are dried.

    This is a great, easy tip for getting the most out of your treasured towels, and it won’t cost you a cent!


    Keep it Mild

    Unless you really have to remove a stubborn stain, keep it mild when it comes to washing. This means using gentle, mild detergents and warm water rather than hot water when cleaning.

    It might be tempting to chuck all your towels into a hot wash in the hope of getting them ultra-clean, but if you get into this habit you are going to do your towels some major damage!


    Dry Thoroughly

    When you wash your beloved towels, make sure that each item is thoroughly dried before storing. Even a hint of moisture on a towel can cause mildew to appear quickly, particularly when the towel is exposed to the warm and humid conditions of a storage cupboard.

    These places are paradise to moulds, mildews and fungi, so give your towels time to dry adequately, and check each towel individually after the process is completed.

    What are your tips for keeping towels fresh and fluffy after repeated washes? Get in touch and have your say.

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