Q: Where is Alluretex based?
A: Alluretex is an Australian company based in Melbourne.

Q: Why should hairdresser’s salon towels be Vat Dyed?
A: Vat Dyed towels have excellent colour fastness during washing and will not change colour at all in the presence of bleach and all other chemicals they will come in contact with at a salon. Vat dyes are more expensive and the dying process more difficult.

Q: What is 2 ply yarn and why is it used?

A: A 2 plied yarn is one where two strands of yarn, each yarn already spun, are put together and twisted in the opposite direction from that in which they were first twisted. When you ply yarn you are making it stronger because twist adds strength. Each cotton yarn also has more surface area available to absorb water, thus making the towel more absorbent.

Q: What does GSM mean?
A: GSM is a measure of weight: ‘grams per square meter’. Take care not to confuse that with ‘Grams pp’, which mean ‘grams per piece’. While both measurements are perfectly valid, the results will be quite different.
For example, a towel 75cm wide x 150cm long that weighs 500 gsm will be 0.562 grams per piece.

Q: What is velour?
A: Velour is part of the finishing process of a towel. When a towel is made on a towel loom, there are loops on either side of the towel. Part of the finishing process is to shave the top of the loops off one side to create a soft velvety finish on the towel. If you look carefully, you can see! You cannot ‘velour’ both sides of the towel.

Q: Why don’t velour towels dry as well as terry towels?
A: The velour side of the towel is definitely not meant for drying…it is meant to be sat on or laid on. The result of cutting the loops (reducing the surface area) and polishing the veloured surface means that water will not absorb as easily and you should always use the terry side to dry yourself.

Q: Can I trim a Pulled Thread?
A: Yes, as towels are woven, a pulled thread can simply be cut off.