We have exciting news from Alluretex.

We have some exciting news

I would also like to share some great news with you today.  We are really pleased to announce that Alluretex is now officially part of Simba Global. 

Who is Simba Global?

Simba Global is a family owned business based in Melbourne. They are a progressive, innovative company with a large range of textiles from commercial linen, towels, medical textiles and corporate apparel. You can find out a lot more about them here

What’s new for you at Simba Global?

  • A brand new website that is fast and easy to use. 
  • As an Alluretex customer we have assigned you to our wholesale price tier, which is normally reserved for volume customers. Therefore you have an excellent opportunity to enjoy wholesale prices with NO minimum quantities! with savings you upto 15% when compared to Alluretex.  
  • A bigger product range - In addition to towels you will find sheets, quilts, pillows, pillowcases and more.  
  • To enjoy this fantastic offer we simply ask that you reset your password on the new site.

So what happens from here?

  • Maintaining security is extremely important and for that reason please reset your password on the new site.  If for any reason you cannot reset your password, please reply email us and we will resolve it immediately.

Can I still order from Alluretex?

Yes, for the next 3 months nothing changes on Alluretex - you can continue to order but after 31 March 2018 we will be closing the alluretex.com website.  Thank you again and we hope you have a wonderful christmas and new year. Best Regards